How to Print Files from Your Android Phone or iPhone on the Go

If you’re here reading this article, it probably means you’re looking for a how to print files from your phone, whether it’s because you need to do so for something on the go, or you don’t have a laptop or desktop that you can use right now.


How to print files from your phone can be a little bit complicated, so we hope our tutorial will help you achieve what you need out of it. 

How to Print Files from your Phone (Android)

The steps required on how to print files from your phone (Android) differs a little bit depending on the type of file that you will be printing. For image file simply:

• Go to the gallery

• Open the image from your gallery that you want to print

• Click the little three dots on the top right of the screen

• Choose print as well as the printer of your choosing, and configure the specifications that you want such as pages, number of copies, etc.

• And you’re done, it’s that easy

But as we’ve mentioned above, it differs a little when you’re printing a document or PDF since it’s different depending on the document viewer that you’re using to open the file. 

• Open the document that you want to print with your preferred document viewer, for this tutorial we will be using Google Docs and WPS Office as an example

• For Google Docs, click the tree little dots on top right and select Share & Export and then choose Print.

• For WPS Office, press the Tools on the navbar on the bottom left, and from it a selection of menu will appear, and then choose Print that’s listed in the options available. 

How to Print Files from Your Phone (iPhone)

Thanks to Apple making everything synced and connected in their ecosystem, the process on how to print files from your phone (iPhone) with their AirPrint feature is very easy as listed on their website. 

But before you start, there are a couple of things you need to make sure :

• Confirms that your printer has support for AirPrint

• Make sure that your iPhone and AirPrint supported Printer is connected to the same WiFi Network.

The steps however, is very easy as we’ve mentioned above : 

• Open the app that you want to print from, whether it’s image or documents

• Tap the share icon or the three horizontal dots if it doesn’t show up

• Scroll down and choose Print

• Select the AirPrint supported printer that you want to use

• Choose the specification for your printouts such as number of copies, which page you want to print, et cetera.

• Tap print in the right-hand corner

Viewing your iPhone printing job

To view a print job that’s currently going on just open the App Switcher and choose the Print Centre

Cancelling your iPhone printing job

Go to the Print Centre from the App Switcher and then choose Cancel Printing to stop your undergoing printing job. 

And with that concludes this article about how to print files from your phone (Android & iPhone), as we’ve mentioned above, it can get a little complicated on how to print files from your phone, so, we hope that this article and tutorial about that topic will help you achieving what you need when you need to print on the go or if you just don’t have any desktop computer available to use

That is all from us, thank you for reading this article all the way through the end, we hope you find it helpful and we will see you again with another article about tech related tutorial that will of course helps you boost your productivity as you use your gadgets. 


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