How to Check Your Android Screen for Potential Issues

Check Your Android Screen for Potential Issues

The screen of your Android phone is potentially one of the most potential components of your phone together with its battery, thus, having broken or damaged will result in you unable to use your device for a long period of time. Obviously, this is not what you want out of your device, so we have a how to check your android screen to look for potential issues in hope of getting it fixed right away.

After all, knowing how your Android screen is doing right now can really help you avoid unwanted problems that requires you to replace your screen which not only is it costly, it also takes a lot of time

How to check your android screen

Generally, there are three ways that you can use on how to check your android screen. 

• Using your phone’s dial code

• Using specifically made screen test applications on the store

• Using drawing applications such as Autodesk

So, let’s go through them one by one, shall we?

Using your phone’s secret dial code

The first way to check your android screen is something along the likes of checking your IMEI. Here are the steps you can follow to inspect your Android screen for potential issues

• Open Phone app.

• Next, input the *#0*#* or #*#0*#*#* code. After that it will take you to a Touchscreen test that you can follow to make sure that everything is working as it should.

It’s worth nothing though that this method doesn’t always work on every device since some Android version doesn’t support it as a feature, which in turn brings us to the second way to check your android screen, using a third-party application specifically made for Touchscreen check. 

Using a third-party application from PlayStore

If your phone doesn’t support the first way on how to check your android screen, then perhaps you can use the second way that will most likely work on any android device. 

There are a lot of touchscreen test application that you can download and use from the Google Play Store, but the one that we will be using for this tutorial is Touchscreen test by Anton Mokshyn. 

It’s only 2 MB in size, so even with slow connection you’d be able to get started immediately, and even if you forgot to uninstall it, it won’t slow down your phone at all. The usage is very simple too, just open the app and follow the instructions to do the test on your android screen. 

Use drawing apps 

Last but not least on the how to fix your android screen is to use your favorite drawing / illustrating applications such as Autodesk or other. This is because the way they function is very similar to the way we do the Touchscreen test above either through dial code or the third-party options. 

Do make sure that you’re drawing on Fullscreen though if you decide to use the drawing apps, that way you can thoroughly see how well your screen works through all corners. 

So, as you can see, checking your android screen for potential issues is very easy as covered by our how to check your android screen. You can use your phone app, third-party touchscreen test, and lastly drawing apps. Which means that if you haven’t checked your android screen in a long time, definitely do so, it’ll save you from the trouble of having a broken screen later in the future.

That is all from us about this article guiding you on how to check your android screen. Thank you for reading and making it through this far, we’ll see you again in another article. Oh, and also if you’re confused or have questions about this article in general, let us know in the comments and we’ll help you to the best of our ability. 

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