The Impact of Using Gadgets on Early Children

Gadgets are a technology that has a very important role in the development of the globalization era. This electronic device has a small size but is often associated as a new item or innovation.

Gadgets are a means of communication and include new technology that has many functions c on human life. Almost all people in the world are familiar with this technology, not only parents and adolescents, it is not uncommon for many early childhood children to be accompanied by this sophisticated tool.

The Association of Indonesian Internet Service Users (APJII) also stated that in Indonesia, users of internet services have reached 143 million or nearly 55 percent of the total number of Indonesian citizens, namely 262 million.

Unfortunately, many parents let their children stare at the gadget screen for a long time, with the excuse that they can do homework or other tasks without being disturbed by their children.

When talking about the impact of the users of this gadget, there are more negative impacts than the positive impacts. Especially with the development and growth of children at an early age, it is clear that gadgets have a big influence in this regard.

Gadgets can have a positive effect if used properly and correctly, but if the gadget is given to early childhood who do not really understand the definition of a gadget, the impact will be very dangerous, especially gadgets can bring death to users who overdose/addiction.

There have been many cases that have occurred due to this one object. Gadgets are said to be able to interfere with the morals and mentality of children. Gadgets do have an effect on children's development but will have a negative impact if left alone for too long and without rules.

Impact of Using Gadgets on Early Children 

The following describes some of the negative impacts of gadgets for early childhood:

• Gadgets can cause mental health problems in children, changes in behavior and psychology

• There will be a more aggressive nature arising in the heart

• Gadgets can change the mindset of children and children's brain development, so that children are more susceptible to depression

• Radiation caused by gadgets can break the blood vessels in the eyes or what is worse is blindness

• Children experience a decrease in the speed of responsiveness of the brain when receiving lessons

• Parents will find it increasingly difficult to advise and notify the child if they are addicted to gadgets

• A feeling of wanting to be alone will also appear when children become accustomed to depending on gadgets

The role of parents in child development is needed. If allowed to continue, children can lose their addiction and all are replaced by addiction to playing gadgets. The child will miss many moments if he keeps staring at the gadget screen continuously.

Gadgets will not have a negative impact on children if parents can control and make rules for their children. For example, about the maximum time limit for using smartphones and other types of gadgets. Parents must also pay attention to every child's development and behavior every day.

Parents can provide other activities, such as inviting their children to play together or busy them with activities outside of using gadgets. In children under 12 years, it is a time when children need their parents' love and family warmth, not busy with activities with gadgets.

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