6 Ways to Increase Your Android Phone Performance Easily

With 80% percent of the phones in the market running Android as an operating system, it’s no surprise that the question on how to maintain and or increase their performance arise in the consumers’ mind. But most of the time these sorts of things are hard to do because they require you to have root access to your phone. So, here we are with 6 ways to increase Android phone performance without needing root access that’s honestly quite a hassle to do.

Know your device

This may seem very obvious, but one of the 6 ways to increase Android phone performance is to know what it’s capable of to begin with. Do not push your device too much, don’t overburden your phone with resource-hungry apps that run in the background and it will stay good for 5 to 6 years you decide to use it.

Update your device

Most Android phones these days gets regular OTA update that you as a user can download and install. Unless you really know what you’re doing with your device, always consider updating your Android to the latest version to get the best performance you could have for your phone.

Remove unused apps

In these days and age people install all sorts of application on their phone that they use once and never use again. You might be one of these people so always do a regular checkup on the application that you rarely used to free up some space and as a result increasing the performance of your Android phone.

Disable unnecessary apps

Fourth on the ways to increase Android phone performance is to disable unnecessary apps that come with your phone. While removing them altogether is the preferred option, it is somewhat hard to do without rooting your phone in the first place which of course is not the intention we want to take this article towards. 

So, the next best thing that you can do is to disable these ‘bloatwares’ that you’ve never used but can’t remove. You won’t save your storage space, you will still at least free up your RAM storage because the application won’t open anymore whether it’s voluntary or involuntary unless you decide to enable it again. 

Stop syncing

Although this one can be very unproductive for people that depends on services such as Google Sync to use their phone, it is still one of the ways to increase Android phone performance that you can do. 

If you don’t need it, you can just disable it. It will save battery, data, and of course increase the overall performance of your phone if you’re not syncing everything you do to the cloud.

Use less widgets

While it may seem a bit outdated, there are still people that uses tons of widgets on their home screen and they wonder why their phone is lagging. So, keep your widget count to a minimum if you use it, and if you don’t use it to begin with, the better. Because widgets can be very resource hungry in Android device with its not-so-stellar memory management. 

And that’s all of the 6 ways to increase Android phone performance that you can use to make sure that your device stays up-to-date and be in their best shape for the next half a decade you’re thinking of using it. 

That is all from us for today about ways to increase Android phone performance, thank you for reading this article, and don’t be shy to comments down below if there’s anything you want to ask us and we’ll try our best to help you solve your problems. See you soon! 

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