How to Care for Android Tablets to be Lasting

Tablets are a part of a smart gadget that is larger than a smartphone. Tablets have the same functions as smartphones in general, which can be used for SMS, telephone, Internet, gaming, and many other things.

Tablets have the advantage of having a larger screen size compared to smartphones, the minimum size of a tablet is 7 inch or 10 inch. That's why many people like this one thing because the screen is wide enough to make it easier for its users.

However, because the size is quite large, it is very difficult to carry out activities, therefore many people replace the function of this tablet with a smartphone because it is more practical to carry anywhere and certainly the size that fits in the pocket.

Some companies still use tablets because they are considered more practical than laptops or computers. In terms of prices, tablets are much cheaper than smartphones and laptops. The quality is the same depending on the price itself.

How to Care for Android Tablets to be Lasting

The length of time to use the item depends on how you care for the item, here are the tricks to care for your android tablet to keep it durable and long lasting

1. Use Original Accessories

Every time you buy a new tablet, it is definitely equipped with various other supporting accessories. One way to keep your tablet soft, durable and not easily damaged is to use original or original equipment and in accordance with the Android tablet itself.

The use of original accessories is known to be safer, if you use complementary accessories with a different brand from your tablet it is feared that it will damage the hardware due to incompatible components.

2. Keep away from other electronic goods

All types of electronic goods have and contain magnetic elements or materials. If one of the electronic items, such as a TV, radio, computer or laptop is held close to the tablet, it is feared that it will damage one of these items. Therefore, keeping the tablet away from other electronic devices can reduce the risk of damage.

3. Keep away from objects that are hot

Never hold your tablet or other electronic device near anything that is hot. Like stoves, campfires and sunshine. Electronic goods are known for their flammability. If left too long in a hot place it will damage the components and inside and catch fire.

4. Do not Put Tablets in Pants Pockets

Jeans are known for their tight and narrow material. If you pocket it too often, it is feared that your tablet or smartphone screen will become cracked or broken.

5. Protect the Tablet with a Condom

The purpose of installing condoms is to reduce the occurrence of scratches and friction on the outside, either on the side or on the back of the tablet itself. Dropping the condom reduces the risk of serious damage to the tablet.

6. Turn off the tablet when it is charging

Never play with a tablet or laptop and the like while it is being charged. This is very dangerous, besides having an effect on the battery life of this tablet, it can also affect the components inside. When on a tablet charger or the like it will heat up faster than when it is not charging.

Therefore, on the other hand, turn off the tablet when it is charging so that it does not heat up quickly and the components inside remain safe.

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