Various Types of Angle Camera to Produce Great Photos

Taking a picture in photography certainly cannot be arbitrary and careless. The placement of the appropriate angle and camera settings will be an added value for the photo results. Besides being more beautiful, the photos will also look more memorable.

Angle or angle in photography is an angle in taking photos that emphasizes the position of the camera on the situation in shooting objects. An appropriate angle will create a different impression on the resulting photo.

A photographer must understand and understand the angle of this camera. Taking appropriate pictures and using the right settings can produce a more luxurious and beautiful impression.


In photography there are 5 types of angles that are common and commonly used by photographers in taking pictures, the explanation is as follows

1. Eye Level

Eye level is a point of view or angle that is common and commonly used. At this angle the position of the camera lens is aimed parallel to the height of the object. The position and direction of the focused camera looking at the object to be photographed, is the same as the eye view when seeing objects normally.

This angle is often used when taking or photographing human objects and their activities (human interest). When photographing someone, the body part that is used as a benchmark for aligning the camera spotlight with the subject is in the position of the head, more precisely falling in the eye area.

2. Low Angle

at this angle, the camera position is lower than the object to be photographed. Low angles are often used to shoot photos with a more elegant, majestic, and tough impression. The results of the photo using this angle appear enlarged in the legs and smaller in the body to the head.

3. High Angle

High angle is a field angle that is often used to capture the broad impression of the object being photographed. The position of the camera at this angle is higher than the object, thus giving the impression that it is smaller than the object being photographed. You can insert the supporting elements of the composition into the frame. This angle placement can be applied to landscape photos.

4. Bird's Eye View

Brid eye view, as the name implies, at this angle the object of the photo is taken from a point that is located at an altitude or often referred to as a bird's eye. The position of the object is below or lower than where you are standing. From this point of view, you have a very wide field of view, including the location of objects that appear to be related to the objects around them.

This angle can be taken from a helicopter or tall buildings. The resulting photo will look very wide and dramatic, for example a photo of a city.

5. Frog Eye View

Frog eye view is a shooting angle with the camera position parallel to the ground. This angle shows the closeness of the lens to the object. This angle is often used to photograph objects that are above the ground.

When taking an object at this angle, the photographer sometimes has to stretch out on the ground so that the resulting results are maximum.

Use the angle adjustment according to your needs, the settings on the camera are also important. The result of a photo depends on the shooting process, the photographer is equally important. The photographer must look to see the appropriate angle according to the model.

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