How to Make Photos Look More Aesthetic with Iphone Camera

Using the right tricks when you take photos can affect the results of the photos on your smartphone. If you feel that the photos you take are not good, it is not necessarily the wrong camera for your smartphone, but it could be caused by the inaccuracy of the camera or the smartphone itself. As a result, the resulting photos are not good enough and are not what you expected.

Using tricks that are rarely known to the general public, will make your photos much more aestatic compared to other people's snaps. If you understand this secret trick, your photos will be admired and the beauty can be enjoyed more.

Tips to to Make Photos Look More Aesthetic

So that you get photos that match what you want, see 7 tips for using the iPhone camera to produce quality photos.

Take advantage of the camera shortcut function

You only need to use one swipe, so you can access the iPhone camera to take pictures and produce good photos. By using this method you will not miss the beautiful moments just because it took too long to open the access lock, and search for the camera menu on the iPhone

Determine the camera's focus and exposure function. 

To apply the camera's focus and exposure functions, you only need to touch a certain point on the camera screen display. When using this feature, you can determine how bright or dark the object you want to shoot.

This feature makes your iPhone camera try to balance the background brightness with the color contrast according to the object automatically. if you are photographing an object that is exposed to direct lighting from the sun or lights or when you are in a room with more light, you can tap the iPhone screen to produce an appropriate color contrast.

Select and adjust the camera mode to the needs of using photos

The iPhone camera has a variety of shooting modes that are very diverse, both with the default position, square, and panorama. This feature needs to be adjusted so that you can immediately process images according to the shooting mode used.

Turn off the flash function on the camera

On the iPhone camera the flash function does not have a big effect on photo quality. Because the iPhone flash camera is only an LED light. In fact, this flash can absorb unnatural results in photos so that the results will not look good.

Use Burst Mode to capture moving images

The iPhone camera is not designed to accurately capture a moving object, for example, such as a group of children running around this will cause the photo to be blurry and out of focus.

You can take advantage of the burst mode to produce several photos in a certain period of time. This photography mode option is available on the latest generation iPhones (iPhone 5s and later). As a result, you can make it an option that can be used to get the most out of several photo captures of moving objects.

Reduce camera shake

The vibration generated by both hands when activating the camera will have a less than good effect on the photo. You can use both hands as support. The trick is to place it on the stomach to withstand vibrations and can produce good photos.

Use HDR Mode when photographing objects

You will get the advantage of being able to combine three exposures with different scenes. You can see every detail of the image with extreme lighting levels.

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