How to Create Custom Domain Email for Free to Boost Your Business’ Professionalism

If you’re starting a business or have a business that wants to look more professional to your potential customers, then having an email with your own domain on it would definitely go a long way into making you more appealing for them. But you probably don’t have the money to buy one yourself, so what’s the option then? Well thankfully with our how to create custom domain email for free, you will have one yourself at the end of the article. 

But if you’re unsure as to why you’d need a custom domain email for your business, here’s some that we definitely think you should be excited about :

1. More credibility and professionalism as we’ve mentioned above

2. Helps you stand out from the sea of Gmail and Yahoo email addresses in the world.

So, ready to start making one yourself? Before we start with the how to, there are a couple of things that you have to have first:

1. Domain and hosting, both of which are something you need to pay for.

2. Gmail account (free)

Having a domain and a hosting already established in place is necessary for this process and basically the only thing you need to pay for to use. This is because we will use your hoster’s cPanel to create your email name such as or later.

Then we will connect it to Gmail so that you can reply and read the mail through your personal account.

So, without further ado, let’s start the how to create custom domain email for free tutorial

How to Create Custom Domain Email for Free

1. Login to your cPanel that your hosting service provides you with

2. Choose email accounts 

3. Choose the create button located at the right-hand side

4. Choose the username, password, as well as the storage space that you want that email to have.

After that, go back to your cPanel hosting and go to Email and scroll down to see a row that says Mail Client Manual Settings, find the Secure SSL/TLS Settings and then save the POP3 and SMTP details for you to use and connect to Gmail later.

Connecting to Gmail

1. Login to your Google Mail account and go into settings.

2. Navigate to Accounts and Import tab. If you can’t find it, click the See All Settings button. 

3. There you will see a row that says Send Mail as and continue with add another email address

4. Proceed the form with the information you’ve received from your cPanel that will be the name, address, as well as SMTP details.

Reading the mail from your Gmail account

1. After you’ve successfully done all of the steps above, your cPanel custom domain email address name will show up below your regular Google account. 

2. Scroll down back until you see check mail from other accounts click it and follow the steps earlier until it shows up in your Accounts and Import setting in Gmail.

And with that you’re totally done and successfully followed our guide on how to create custom domain email for free that you can follow. Again, it’s totally free, and the only thing you pay for is the hosting which you probably already have if you’re in the digital business world. 

How is it? Easy right? We hope all of you who followed our steps on how to create custom domain email for free successfully accomplished what they set out to do, and if you haven’t, please let us know in the comments! We will try to help you to the best of our ability.

That’s it for your article and tutorial on how to create custom domain email for free. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope to see you again next time with another article and/or tutorial about everything related to technology. See you later !

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