Tips on Saving Your Smartphone Battery

Smartphones are a must-have communication tool for everyone. Smartphone users are very abundant, standard size and able to carry anywhere without making it difficult for the user himself.

You must often find it difficult due to several things that are caused by this one object, making it difficult for your job. Yes, some kind of impact from this smartphone if it is not used properly. Like running out of battery at the wrong time and so on.

Even though there are many smartphone brands that have stronger power resistance, not infrequently there are still many users who complain about the fast running out of battery power. This must really interfere with your activities.

How to Save Smartphone Battery

Therefore, the following describes how you can save the smartphone battery that you have. The steps are as follows.

Activate battery saving or power saving mode

Some smartphone brands have supporting features like this. You can activate this power saver mode, so that your smartphone battery can last longer. To find out if your smartphone has this feature, you can open the support site in your smartphone's settings.

Avoid actions that can keep the screen active

Don't use an application or anything that keeps your smartphone screen on for a long time. Besides being able to make your smartphone feel hot, this will also affect the battery life of your smartphone.

Do not use long navigation, watch videos for an unrestricted period of time or play games with high graphics.

Avoid constant connections

Try not to use GPS for extended periods of time, provide host (tethring cellphone), or make long-term phone calls.

Do not take actions that can include a lot of information

Avoid using applications that provide a lot of information, such as using the camera, playing highly interactive games and using applications for too long.

Let the smartphone screen turn off quickly

After finishing opening your application or work using a smartphone, quickly turn off your smartphone screen. This can help optimize the smartphone battery.

Reduce the brightness of the smartphone screen

Besides being able to damage the eye, a smartphone screen that has a high level of brightness can also cause a decrease in power on your smartphone. Therefore, use the brightness according to your vision. Or another way you can do that is by turning your smartphone's brightness on automatically.

Limit the use of applications with high battery usage

Besides being able to use up your internal storage, various kinds of useless applications can also make your smartphone battery wasteful. So you should delete various unnecessary and unnecessary applications.

Disable vibration and sound on the keyboard

Apart from disturbing the comfort of activating typing sounds on the keyboard, it is one of the reasons why your battery runs out quickly or low. We recommend that you turn off sounds and vibrations on the keyboard so as not to interfere with your hearing and those around you.

Deleting unus accountsed

You can delete accounts or applications that you don't use. Besides being able to accumulate things like this it is also able to make your smartphone battery life not conducive and run out quickly.

It's good to apply some of the methods above so you can play your smartphone more freely without worrying about the condition of your battery. The wiser use of smartphones will avoid the negative impacts of other smartphones. So what are you waiting for. HAPPY TRYING ....

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