A Guide on Changing Microsoft Word Pages Layout and Size

Anyone that has ever touched a computer will a hundred percent agree that Microsoft Word or any other word processor, in general, is vital in our everyday life. Knowing and understanding how to use Microsoft Word is very important right now. It’d be such a shame if you don’t understand changing Microsoft word page layout or size.

It’s honestly not that hard, but if you never needed it up to this point, it’s natural for you to not know the way of changing Microsoft word page layout. But don’t worry! At the end of this article, we’re sure you’ll be able to change it like a professional.

Why Microsoft Word?

Before getting to the tutorial on changing Microsoft word page layout and size, it’s worth knowing why it’s as popular as it is right now.

There are tons of word processors available for you to use on your computer or desktop, but the reigning champion will be Microsoft Word if you’re using Windows as an operating system, and why is that? Well, there are a couple of reasons why Microsoft Word is so popularly used all across the world


Microsoft Word as a text processor is practically available everywhere. You don’t need to install or download it; it’d already be installed on your machine the first time you bought it.  This becomes even more true for laptops that come with the whole Office line-up by Microsoft.

Thanks to that, a lot of people are using it and is familiar with it, which brings us to the second point on why Microsoft Word is so popular

Amounts of guides available

Since it’s available to everyone in the world, there are a lot of guides for Microsoft Word whether you need it or not, for example, the article you’re reading right now is another guide that tells you the way of changing Microsoft Word page layout. Everyone has it, and everyone can use it to the best of their ability, which again brings us to our third and final point

Amateur friendly.

Even if you don’t have the expertise or experience of using a word processor, the amounts of guides, documentations, and tutorials available for Microsoft Word makes it very amateur-friendly. 

You can learn most if not all of the important features in a day or so, and it’s also very easy because they’re not that complicated, to begin with.

Changing Microsoft Word Page Layout

Now that we know everything there is to know as to why it’s so popular, let’s start with the guide, shall we?

• On the ribbon above, choose the Layout Tab

• There you’ll be given a ton of options starting from Margins, Orientation, Size, and Columns.

• For this tutorial, we’ll be going with the Margins option because that’s what most people would change. 

• Click on the drop-down menu. There you’ll see the-pre prepared margins for you to use. But, if you don’t find the one you’re looking for, choose the Custom Margins located at the bottom-most of the drop-down menu.

• There you will be able to customize the top, left, right, and bottom margins of your paper. As well as paper types and orientation. 

• Make sure that you choose Apply to the whole document if you want your changes to be applied to the whole document. After you’re done, proceed by clicking the OK button

• And that’s it.

Easy peasy right? Even without a guide, we bet that most people can learn the way of changing Microsoft Word Page Layout by themselves just by exploring the options available. It’s very amateur-friendly, after all.

And that’s it for this article about Microsoft Word and Changing Microsoft Word Page Layout. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope to see you again in another tutorial article next time.

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