7 Tips in Writing Pillar Article for Your Website

Tips in Writing Pillar Article for Your Website

Attracting visitors to a website is not an easy matter, especially if you are quite new in managing a website. There are a lot of things that you need to do. Yet, among those many things, writing the pillar article might be the most important of all.

For people who have just started a website, the term of pillar article might not be that familiar. As the name implies, the pillar articles or the pillar contents are the contents that becomes the main foundation of your website. It means that the articles are used to attract more and more organic visitors to your website. As the visitors increase, there is a tendency that your other contents will also get more and more visitors.

Unfortunately, writing a good pillar article is not something easy. As a matter of fact, many writers out there are still unable to write the best contents strong enough to be the foundation of a website. Even though, it does not mean you cannot learn it. There are seven main tips in writing the pillar contents for a website despite of the niche. Here are those 7 tips that you need to know.

Set Your Target

Setting up the target is the first thing to know in writing the pillar contents for website. Without knowing the target that you want to reach it is as if you are racing with no finish line. That is why you need to set the goals of your pillar article from the start. If you are managing a website with some affiliates, then the great pillar contents should include the promotion of those affiliates that you have. If you are managing a tutorial website or some other similar websites, the ‘how-to’ contents will suit it best.

Know Your Visitors

Visitor is one of the most important parts of a website. What is a website without visitors? That is why you need to know exactly the target visitors that you want to attract. Writing style for the pillar article with kids as the target will be different with the contents for the teenagers and even adults. By knowing in details your targeted visitor, you will be able to create the best contents to attract those specific targets. You can also search online if you need some detailed tricks to attract some specific target visitors.

Find Out the Things That They Need

The principal of supply and demand does not only applicable in the world of economy. It is also applied in the world of website management and development. You need to find out the things that people need and you have to serve it in your website. Indeed, there are a lot of limitations when you are talking about niche or topic. However, you can always relate the niche of your website with the trending topics around you. If you have what the people want in your website, then you can count them to visit your website regularly.

Look for the Perfect Angle 

The meaning of angle in pillar article is not the same as angle in camera. Yet, they have the similar function, to set the point of view of the visitors or the viewer. To make it simple, the angle is the way you will deliver the contents. There are three main angles that you can choose. The first one is the angle that supports the thoughts of your visitors. The second angle is the one to reveal or show something new to your visitors. The last one is the angle that shows the opposite of their thoughts. From those different perspective, you will learn that those angles have different functions in your pillar articles.

Write Your Own Original Content

Once you have finished with the first four, you can start writing the pillar contents for your website. It is actually quite simple once you have learned the first four. However, there are some other points that you should not forget such as the originality of your contents, the length of your articles, and also the quality. With those three things in your pillar article, your website will be able to stand still. As a matter of fact, the contents will also attract more visitors to the other contents inside the website.

Promote Your Pillar Contents Properly

There are so many ways to promote the pillar contents of a website. Unfortunately, many people who manage a website only share the link as the promotional method. For your information, there are more and more things that you can do. You can start with using the guest post from some other websites. Or else, you can use internal link that will lead to the pillar articles from the home page of your website. If you want to do better promotion, getting an influencer with the similar thought will be totally useful.

Update the Contents Based on The Real-Time Situation

Having the pillar article in your website is not a guarantee that you will have a lot of visitors. That is because the trend changes over time. That is why updating the contents of your pillar articles should be done based on the real time situation. It means that you need to know if there are some new things that made your pillar articles look a bit outdated. Not all of the websites have to do the fast-paced updated. Yet, some others might have to update their pillar contents regularly because of the rapid changes and developments in the world.

Those are seven tips in writing a good pillar content for your website. For your consideration, you cannot say that after writing some pillar contents, you will have the best website. Those pillar articles that you write are the foundations of your website. It means you still need to do some other things to keep the sustainability of your website. However, once you have the strong pillars in the form of amazing contents and articles, you can rest assured that your website already has its foundation to keep going.

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