How to Mail Merge on Microsoft Office Word 2019

If you’re not the sort of type to work on mailing list or anything like that, you might not know of the existence of Mail Merge on Word, and you of course wouldn’t know how to mail merge on Word and don’t worry, we won’t blame you. Mail Merge is one of the more complicated features that Microsoft Word has.

But, it’s a useful thing to utilize, it means you don’t have to redo the mail over and over again with everything the same except for the recipients and/or locations. So, on this guide, we’ll be learning how to mail merge on Word easily that you can do to help you be more productive with Microsoft Word.

How to Use Mail Merge on Microsoft Word

1. The first step on how to mail merge on Word is to create the manuscript first. For example, let’s create the letterhead containing Greetings, names, and addresses.

2. After you’ve finished creating the letterhead, start the Mail Merge Wizard that’s located on the Mailings tab -> Start Mail Merge -> Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard

3. After clicking the Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard, another tab will appear on the right-hand side of your Microsoft Word. There, you can select the type of document that you want as well as a short description of the type of document. Click Next if you’re sure of your choice.

4. On the next step, choose User the current document option to use the letterhead we just made earlier.

5. On the third step on how to mail merge on Word, choose the Type a new list if you don’t have any list made. Then proceed with the create button.

6. After clicking said button, you will be greeted with a new dialog box containing the name and address that we’re going to use on the letterhead later. But, since the columns aren’t exactly the ones, we wanted, let’s just customize them to our needs.

7. Delete all the field names that exist on the list, and after you’re done, add your own columns that you’ll be using later.

8. After filling the columns as you require, add new entries for both the Name column and Address column. If you’re done, press OK, and let’s go to the next step.

9. If you’ve saved the entries and columns you just made earlier, you can then use those data to use on your letterhead as the Name and Address.

10. Now, we’ll put the chosen data to where it should be on the letterhead

11. Navigate your text indicator to where you want to use the data.

12. If you’re unsure of how the result will look like, click Preview Result so you can make adjustments if necessary.

13. If you want to see the other results, just change the index number into the number on the data table earlier. For example, if you want to see index no. 2, just put 2 in the input.

14. And finally the last step on how to mail merge on Word is to save it by choosing Edit Individual Documents from the Finish & Merge drop-down menu. 

Phew, we’re finally done. As you can see above, the steps on how to mail merge on Word are very long and tedious. But the end results are completely worth it because you don’t have to edit hundreds and hundreds of documents just to change small things such as names or addresses.

But also because of that, the value of Mail Merging on Word plummets if you’re only sending out 1-5 documents at a time. 

That’s all from us for now on how to mail merge on Word, thank you for reading this article, we hope to see you again next time in another tutorial article. 

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